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I’ve changed equipment over the years. My current main telescope is a Meade 16 inch LX 850. Piggybacked on top of the 16 inch is my Takahashi FSQ 106ED which is used for wide fields. I have to cooled digital cameras from SBIG. I have the Sbig 2000 XM camera and the Sbig STT 8300 camera. With the Sbig STT 8300 I also use SBIG adaptive optics AO – 8T. All the equipment is housed in my Technical Innovations 10 foot homedome and is remotely controlled from the control room in my garage. My telescope is mounted on a Astro Physics 1600 GTO mount. My pier is adjustable in height with a travel of over 3 feet.You can click on the photographs of my set up to enlarge them and see comments.

Andromeda Galaxy M31

Taken on 9/19/20 with my Takahashi FSQ 106N refractor telescope. Andromeda the closest Galaxy to our Milky Way. It can be seen with the naked eye under good dark skies. It appears as a small fuzzy cloud when viewed with your naked eye

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