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    This is an animation I made of Jupiter using my 14 inch telescope and the SBIG ST 2000 XM CCD camera from my backyard in Chesterland, Ohio on April 4, 2004. I used a 3X  Barlow lens ( 14 inch telescope operating at f/30) and took an RGB (.35 sec. red, 35 sec. green and .50 sec. blue binned 3×3) every few minutes over the course of several hours to produce this animation. I took 180 RGB’s and combined those to get this video. Click the bottom right corner of each animation to make them full screen .

This is an animation, also made in 2004, of globular cluster M3. It shows the variable stars that very in brightness. This was taken through the 14 inch Meade LX 200 operating at F10 over the course of a few hours.

James Webb telescope video taken on 1/3/22 with my Planewave CDK 17 inch telescope and SBIG 8300 M digital camera. Image was taken at 10 PM that night and I took 100 images each 20 second exposures and combine them in Maxim DL to produce this video. On this date the James Webb telescope was approximately 500,000 miles from Earth, about twice the distance to the moon. I inserted the dash of lines to highlight the movement of the telescope which appears as a point of light since it’s so far away.

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